Kosher Shield App Install

Please click the Kosher Shield below to  download the Kosher Shield Android app. 

App Installation

  Please read instructions very carefully.

  1.     Download and install the Kosher SHIELD app onto the device by clicking the K SHIELD icon below.
  2.     If necessary, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and Allow.
  3.     Open the app and allow any Samsung  permissions the app will request.
  4.     Tap I Agree to accept the Kosher SHIELD  Privacy Notice and Terms and Conditions .
  5.     Tap Activate to set Kosher SHIELD  app as Device Administrator.
  6.     Tap Next and Allow the Samsung permissions. (If this was skipped during installation the app will not work properly)
  7.     Allow Run-in- background permission if requested. Click Yes when prompted.
  8.     Tap Requests Enroll.
  9.   Contact us by phone once you made your payment (415) 867-1487

 Note: All support for the Kosher SHIELD app is by email or use the apps built-in chat support feature.